The Ten Traits of A Dominant Male.

Someone recently asked: “What are the ten traits of a dominant male?”

I personally think this is a loaded question, because there’s more to it than meets the eye.

My question back to them is “Dominant in relation to WHO?”

Since this was posted on a forum relating to seducing women, I’ll answer and provide a commentary
so this post is useful for you. (so you learn something)…

Without further rambling…

Top 10 traits of a dominant male.

1. He’s dominant in relation to others in the situation. (kinda obvious right? but following is HOW he is dominant…)

2. He has a strong voice. This is VERY important in the social world. The LOUD guys command the
attention of the females. I’ve tested this myself, a number of times.

If you want girls to check you out in a social setting, speak LOUD and CONFIDENTLY.

3. He has a strong presence. This has to do with energy, movement, even how you breathe. Dominant
men are relaxed in every social situation. This may not sem like it’s a STRONG, dominant behavior,
but it is.

4. He stands tall, chest up. The look of sheer confidence. Try it as you go about your day. Makes you
significantly more attractive to women. I promise.

5. He knows he owns the room. His energy is the controlling factor, because he has decided
it is. He has the rest of the characteristics listed here to back it up.

6. He knows his strengths and weaknesses (whoever said “confidence” is wrong). A man can be confident
about picking up women but if he walks up and cannot relate to her he’ll probably not interest her in any

You’ve gotta have the communication skills I teach in my Lazy Man course. You’ve gotta be funny, cool,
interesting, sexy, and smart. And you must have the right vibe. Thankfully, this is ALL learnable and it’s
all covered in detail in my course.

7. He controls the “line” that other people may or may not cross. He sets the limits of his life, and he
enforces those limits.

You don’t know how many guys think they can seduce women but have absolutely NO RESPECT for
themselves or their beliefs. They let people walk all over them… even women. This is not going to attract
ANY woman. Women want strong men who believe in their realities.

They don’t want flighty BOYS. They want MEN. So man up. Don’t take any disrespect and NEVER admit
any weakness to a woman you aren’t fucking. In your opinion, there’s NOTHING wrong with you, even if
there is.

8. He sets the frame. And he controls it or let’s it be controlled. You’ll learn more about this in Lazy Man.
THIS IS IMPORTANT. My students who UNDERSTAND this concept ARE living exceptional love lives.

Why? Because they control the world around them. They are at-cause. It’s absolutely critical you take on
this belief system and learn about setting and upholding frames. This is probably the most important thing
you can learn in regards to seduction. Let’s finish up here…

9. The rest of the dominance traits are rather tertiary: He dresses well. Works out. He’s well-groomed as a
function of dominance. Things like that.

If I wanted to whittle it down to ONE trait, it would be this: The most dominant person in the room is the man who decides he is the controlling element. He OWNS the frames around him, and he knows how to get his way and be persuasive.

If there are more than one controlling elements in any situation (there are, in most), then dominance shifts with status, experience, and the nature of the issue at hand.

I hope this has been enlightening.

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